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Business English Workshop at the HvGG

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Business English Workshop at the HvGG

Wednesday, 20th May, a three-hour Business English Workshop took place at our school. The workshop was held by Anne Collins, a professional Business English Teacher. She usually helps bankers to improve their English skills, but that day she offered a course completely free of charge for 16 pupils from Q2 eager to improve their capabilities of using English more naturally and idiomatically.
Unlike regular English classes the course focused on semantics and the everyday use of English rather than on grammar or vocabulary.

Even though the course was called “Business English”, it provided the skills needed not just in business-life but in every job where one needs to speak English (i.e. nowadays most jobs). We learned a lot about the English-speaking culture when it comes to discussing issues and disagreeing politely (first agree, than disagree!). We also dealt with politeness in general, for instance what to say when people are late (nothing!) and the skillful ways of smart small talk.
Finally we learnt and practiced 100 common words of business English.

The course was an enriching experience for everybody especially because it went beyond what is usually taught in an ordinary English class. And of course it gave everybody an idea of what it is like to use English in the workplace.

A big thanks to Anne who gave us this great opportunity and spent a whole afternoon with us.

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